Today, we are seeing an infrastructure modernization and development program being undertaken not only in metropolitan and urban areas but in various locations all over the country as well. Roads and bridges, subways and skyways, shopping malls and residential subdivisions, multi-storey office buildings and condominiums are all being constructed at a pace not seen in previous years. No doubt all in response to the government's "Build, Build, Build! Program!"

The construction industry's resources and capabilities have never before been challenged in order to meet the task of massive and concerted infrastructure and development undertaking. The need for construction equipment that can adequately satisfy various projects has become a concern. The construction boom must be matched by the availability of machinery and equipment, as well as materials, so that the momentum will not be hampered.

Specifically, the construction industry should have easy access to equipment that can produce, deliver and make available that vital and basic material in building and construction, ready-mixed concrete (RMC)

ACE Quality Construction Equipment, Inc. or AQCEI, has been set up in recognition of this need. It entered into arrangements with leading international manufacturers of quality construction equipment that can provide the requirements of local builders.

Company Profile

ACE Quality Construction Equipment, Inc. is a relative newcomer in the construction industry. However, it is not a floundering company, because it is a subsidiary of the ACE Group of Companies, one of the country's largest business conglomerates which has been in operation since 1977. Thus, AQCEI enjoys the full financial backing and support of its mother company, and its founder and chairman, Mr. Danilo L. Calso.

AQCEI is a fully Filipino-owned corporation, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Initially, it has five members of the board, composed of the following: Mr. Danilo L. Calso, chairman; Mr. Christian C. Calso, treasurer; Mr. Reuben P. Navarro, corporate secretary; and Messrs. Angelo Casasis and Joel A. Dula, directors.

The officers are all men of proven integrity and dedication. They have wide experiences in corporate as well as construction activities, sales and marketing and human resources training and development.

As AQCEI grows and expands its operations, more qualified and dedicated men and women will be engaged to shore up its human resources in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for efficiency and productivity in the construction industry.,

AQCEI has its administrative, operational and sales and marketing offices at Campe Compound, Km 19, West Service Road, Barangay Marcelo Green Village, Paranaque City. Its executive offices are located at ACE Group of Companies Head Office, 144 Pinatubo Building, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Our Mission

  • We will endeavour to establish good relationship with the various entities in the industry - the agencies involved in the government's infrastructure and modernization program, the private developers, the owners and operators of construction companies, the dealers and suppliers of construction materials, the banks and financing institutions, and all who have interest in the construction and building sector.
  • We will place priority in training and developing our company's workforce, rewarding efficiency and productivity with matching compensation, recognizing that a well-motivated, dedicated and loyal staff are the company's most valuable asset.
  • We will pool talents and abilities in order that profitability is quickly attained, maintained and enhanced as the company grows and expands.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as innovator in the construction industry by introducing newly-developed equipment that meet the demand for sophisticated projects of creative-minded developers.
  • To earn the respect of leading international manufacturers of quality construction machinery and equipment and entrusting to our company the sale of their products either as exclusive distributor or authorized dealer.
  • To earn the trust of local construction owners and operators by making our company their preferred source of equipment and materials they need.


Danilo L. Calso


Reuben P. Navarro

General Manager

Joel A. Dula

Director of Sales and Marketing

Angelo Casasis

Director of Operations and Technical Services

Christian C. Calso

Director of Finance and Treasury

John R. Navarro

Manager of Training and Sales

Our Partners